We're open for new members

ClubMac actively seeks new members. If you are interested in learning about Apple products — whether it's an Apple computer or an iPhone — then ClubMac is the place for you. We are the longest running of the five MUGS (Macintosh User Groups) in Ireland and we reckon we're also the friendliest!

Our raison d’être is to allow Mac users to have an opportunity to meet each other and to share tips and information. We meet regularly (once a month between September and May) to discuss Apple Mac computers, the Mac OS, software programmes and peripherals that work with Apple Macs.

In recent times, we have provided professional training for our members in the basics of MacOS X, iPhoto, iDVD and Mail, Apple's email programme which is included with Mac OS X.

We have a very diverse membership that includes long-time Mac users as well as those who have recently switched to the Mac. While most of our membership is Dublin-based, we have a number of members who follow us from different parts of the country.


Becoming a member of ClubMac is simple and easy. Go here for more information (→)

Benefits of membership

Not only do we offer membership at a very reasonable cost, but ClubMac also provides members with a wide range of benefits and discounts. Check these out on our Membership Offers page.

Buying a mac?

Please support our favourite Apple dealers, Galmac Computers, Steam Solutions and CompuB, who provide club members with a 3% discount on selected hardware and software purchases as well as repairs.